Project Team who's driving this ship?

JLC Architecture

JLC Architecture is the central hub of the design machine. It also happens to be a great place to work, which is probably why I’ve been here ever since I graduated in 2007. Bringing this project into the office allowed us to leverage critical office resources toward the design and permitting efforts.  My role has been designer and project manager. Jean-Louis, the licensed architect, has and continues to provide critical oversight throughout the project.

Naylor Construction

Christian Naylor and his team will be handling the build for us. Working with Naylor Construction on many projects over the years has laid a foundation of confidence and ease that the final results will be as good (or better) than the renderings.

Lovelace Engineering

Lovelace is our go-to structural engineer. I didn’t think for a second about hiring anyone else. I’m confident our building will stand proud (and plumb) for years to come.

CW LaMonte

CW La Monte provided the soils report during the permit process and will provide the necessary geotechnical review during the grading process. They’re old school, which means they don’t have a website and will probably never read this. Jerry can tell you the allowable bearing pressure from a soils sample by tasting it.

Sampo Engineering

Sampo is our one-stop shop for surveying and civil engineering. I have nothing clever to say about Vince and his team. I guess they’re boring. And I guess when it comes to a quality survey boring is ok.

LDN Consulting

The city required a study to tell us that the train is loud. Really loud. LDN is a great resource if you need to check the decibel levels on your local train, freeway or obnoxious motorcycle.

comerica bank

Comerica Bank has been a long-term financial partner with my Dad’s business back in Michigan so we were pleased when they stepped up to the plate for our construction loan here in California. Marci Chapin held our hand throughout the process, expediting the approval and minimizing the sort of red-taped induced brain damage normally associated with commercial banking.