Demolition small house / big equipment

We are officially underway!

Strategic destruction marks the official start of the build for CP Juniper. First off, here’s a few photos of the site in all its pre-demolition glory.

Then, last Saturday morning this beast got dropped off.

20150606_120112You know when the equipment is as big as the structure to be removed that its not going to take long. It is now Friday night and the cute little house is gone. Long gone.

I was really hoping that I could take the boys over to the house and watch/document the destruction but this week’s work schedule didn’t allow for that much time away from the office.  By Thursday evening the site was scraped clean.  Check out the “before and after” image below. The difference is striking.

The only thing worth keeping was a couple trees; a large oak along the railroad and a small olive at the back of the property. The Oak is a grand old piece of work and we’ll be as ginger as we can with the root structure through the rest of construction.

DSC_0728 DSC_0733Next up: grading.

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