Stucco Color Coat and exterior trim

The final color coat for our exterior stucco system is in place. During the curing process surface cracks presented themselves, so additional corner work and crack repair were completed just prior to the final layer going on.



We have two colors on our building: white and gray. Yes, white and gray count as colors. This neutral palette will serve as the backdrop for colored entry doors and climbing vines.

Phase 1 of the color application is hand applied. You can see the swirls from the trowel application below.


Phase 2, referred to as the fog coat, is applied with a sprayer. This gives a more uniform finish in both color and texture.


The below photo presents an issue we ran into once the white stucco went on. The problem is, even “Expo White 01” stucco has a bit of a warm hue to it when contrasted with the white paint on our eaves. Since changing the color of the stucco at this point was not an option, it became very clear that we needed to change course on the eave color.


I messed around with a number of different gray tones, trying to split the difference between the white and gray stucco. After much debate we decided to simplify the equation and just go with black. We were already planning on doing this at the lower entry level eaves, so shifting the upper level eaves to black as well just made sense. In retrospect I’m really glad we did. Check out the photo below.


Kapow! Our eaves are now anything but timid. We are really pleased with how the overall look and feel is shaping up.







  1. Good color choices. It is going to look great with the colored doors and climbing vines. JH

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