Rough-In mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire sprinklers

We didn’t pass our combo inspection the first time around, but after a few fixes (over a few more days) we finally got the clearance needed to move ahead with insulation. That process is underway and I’ll have a full report sometime soon. In the meantime I figured I should revisit the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire sprinkler systems. And there is indeed a massive amount of stuff jammed into our walls.

Roll the strangely beautiful photos of systems designed to never again see the light of day…

pendant lights and fire sprinkler heads (blue)
200 amp service = lots of circuits
left to right: light switches, speaker control, home network
copper water supply lines
power and refrigerant lines for mini-split system (one per air handler)
gas supply lines
gas supply outlet for future main connections

Documentation (X-ray vision)

Right now, if you know what to look for, it’s pretty easy to walk around and understand the systems in place throughout the structure. All that goes away once we cover up the framing. This is, of course, appropriate. Most people don’t really want to be looking at junction boxes and gas supply lines when they’re eating dinner or getting dressed. But, when it’s time to hang that picture it’s really nice to know where NOT to put the nail.

With this goal in mind Bob and I took photos of every interior surface in the whole building. For anyone undertaking this process I highly recommend the buddy system. Having a tape on every wall makes these photos significantly more helpful and this would have been impossible or at least taken way longer without him.

did you get it yet?




nail plates = extra accident protection (and a code requirement)

Insulation is in process and will be completed this coming week.  Should have a post up next weekend.


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